Landscape / Hardscape

Bed Edging

All tree cicles and planting beds should be edged to a depth of three to five incehs to give them a neat and crisp appearance.

Mulch Installation

Our crews are able to add a 2 – 3″ layer of fresh mulch to all tree circles & planting beds. Raduenz Porperty CAre offers a variety of mulches.

Stone Installation

Raduenz Property CAre offers a wide variety of stone that you can choose from. Our crews are able to adda fresh layer of stone to a new or an existing bed.

Tree Installation

Raduenz Property Care works with their clients to choose the proper placement & installation for the desired tree(s). Having the correct spacing for future growth as well as a proper hold size leads to the best tree growth.

Plant & Shrub Installation

Raduenz Poperty Care works with their clients to choose the proper plants that will thrive in the desired areas where greenery is needed.

Removal of Plants & Shrubbery

Raduenz Property Care is able to remove any unwanted plants on your property.

Drainage System Installation

Raduenz Property Care is able to install proper drainage systems to keep water away from your structure.

Finish Grading

Raduenz Property Care has the ability to properly grade your property to allow for proper drainage.

Seed / Sod Installation

Our crews are able to over seed an existing lawn, recommended in the fall. Raduenz Property Care is also able to apply seed or install sod to a freshly graded property.

Land Clearing / Clean Up

Our skilled team has the ability to clear a desired space on your property.

Retaining Walls & Sidewalks


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